Dr. Igor Pesko


Civil Engineer / Lecturer

Igor Pesko2Igor graduated from the University of Novi Sad, in 2006 with a Masters in Civil Engineering and he is Responsible Contracting Engineer and Responsible Designer in Republic of Serbia.

Dr. Igor holds a PhD  from the University of Novi Sad. He has a particular interest in cost management & estimation and his research involved the creation of a  Model for estimating the time and cost of construction of urban roads.

In addition to his studies Dr. Igor is also is an associate lecturer at the University where he is responsible for teaching the following subjects:

  • Graduate Level Teaching: Technology and Organization in Construction and Construction Management
  • Post-Graduate Level Teaching: Management in a Construction Company

Dr. Igor has been associate (researcher) in delivering three research projects funded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Development of the Republic of Serbia.

As an author, Dr. Igor has participated in over 30 studies: designs of new facilities and reconstruction designs, review and assessment of the buildings condition, feasibility studies, expert court testimonies, etc.

Dr. Igor is also the author of over 35 scientific and professional papers.

Selected Papers

  1. Peško I., Trivunić M., Ćirović G., Mučenski V.: A Preliminary Estimate of Time and Cost in Urban Road Construction Using Neural Networks (in print), Tehnički vjesnik/Technical Gazette, 2013, Vol. 20, No 3, ISSN 1330-3651
  2. Mučenski V., Peško I., Trivunić M., Dražić J., Cirović G.: Optimization for Estimating the Amount of Concrete and Reinforcement Required for Multy-storey Buildings, Building Materials and Structures, 2012, Vol. 55, No 2, pp. 27-46, ISSN 0543-0798, UDK: 004.032.26:691.32=861
  3. Peško I., Dražić J., Mučenski V., Trivunić M.: Preparing a Data Base for Estimating Seismic Damage on Buildings by Applyng ANN, Journal of Applied Engineering Science, 2012, Vol. 10, No 1, pp. 21-26, ISSN 1451-4117, UDK: 33
  4. Dražić J., Peško I., Mučenski V., Trivunić M.: Influence of building features on prediction of seismic damage category by applying ANN, iNDiS 12 “Planning, design, construction and building renewal, University of Novi Sad, Department of Civil Engineering, Republic of Serbia , Novi Sad, 2012, pp. 61-68, ISBN 978-86-7892-453-8
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