Professor Dr. Zoran Cekic


Project Management Expert / Consultant / Trainer

ImageDr. Cekic is Chartered Builder, Certified Project Manager and Chartered Surveyor. He holds MSc and PhD degrees in Project Management in Construction from University of Belgrade.

Over the last few decades he works as a manager for complex projects in South-East of Europe and Russia. He is former State Secretary (Deputy Minister) for national infrastructure investments and program manager for infrastructure investment program co-financed by European Investment Bank.

He is a professor of project management at Union Nikola Tesla University, and visiting professor at University of Novi Sad and University of Nova Gorica. He is former Dean of Faculty of Construction Management and Vice-Chancellor of Union Nikola Tesla University.

His areas of expertize are value management methodologies, new approaches to project knowledge capture and reuse, methodologies for economic and social sustainability, social and emotional skills development for project leaders, and program management as an interface between strategic and project management.

Books: Cekic, Z. International Construction (Construction Book Belgrade, 2005) and Cekic, Z. IT Management in Construction (Construction Book Belgrade, 2004).

Selected Papers:

  1. Surlan, N and Cekic, Z. (2012) “Impact of Value Management and local knowledge on the sustainable projects in Western Balkans“, Proceedings of International Scientific Symposium PBE 2012, Lednice, Chech Republic, 7 – 9 November
  2. Surlan, N and Cekic, Z. (2012) “Value study as a tool for defining design brief on the sustainable construction projects“, Proceedings of International Scientific Symposium Maintainance and Production Engineering KODIP 2012, Budva, Montenegro, 26  – 29 June
  3. Cekic, Z. and Lunic, D. (2011) “Factors influence team dynamic and effectiveness in construction“, Proceedings of 14-th International Symposium of MASE (Macedonian Association of Structural Engineers), Struga, Macedonia, 28 September -1 October
  4. Cekic, Z. and Končarević, B. (2011) “Relationship approach to construction stakeholder management“, Proceedings of 10th International Conference “OMTC Organization, Technology and Management in Construction“, Šibenik, 7 – 10 September
  5. Cekic, Z. (2009) “Case Based reasoning and infrastructure project knowledge base“, Proceedings of Joint International Symposium of CIB Working Commissions: W055: Building Economics and W065 Organization and Management in Construction, “Construction Facing World-wide Challenges”, Dubrovnik, 27 September -1 October
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