Dr. Javad MajrouhiSardoud

Civil Engineering Expert – RFID Technologies / Lecturer

Dr. Majrouhi Sardroud holds a Ph.D. degree in Construction Management from Kingston University London and has M.Sc. degree in Structural Engineering from Tabriz University, Iran.

He has a broad background in Civil-Water Engineering, and specialises in structural elements of the built environment. He also has 15 years of practical experience in construction management, including contracting, consulting, and ownership.

Dr. Majrouhi Sardoud has been most fortunate in his Ph.D. research to have had ample opportunity to investigate the role of automated data collection technologies in enhancing the task of monitoring and automated managing of the construction,towards smart materials and construction.

He is currently a senior academic member and lecturer in the Faculty of Engineering at Azad University. In the light of above experience and beyond his research successes(including publications to date and others in preparation), Dr Majrouhi Sardoud has a vast vision on the real scenario of building / construction industry and other aspects of  infrastructure that creates the built environment. His research interests include the role of automated data collection technologies in enhancing the monitoring and automated management of construction, smart materials and construction.