INDIS 2012 – Serbia

Dr Hanif will be presenting a paper at iNDiS 2012, the 12th International  scientific conference on planning, design, construction and building renewal in Novi Sad, Serbia.

People, Politics & Project Management: Striking the right balance to ensure effective delivery


Project Management is now a recognised profession, which is bound by a variety of different methods, tools and techniques. It has become the means by which organisations deliver a product or result, which just cannot be achieved by any other management arrangement. Despite the advances in our knowledge and the availability of innovative information technology solutions, projects are still becoming increasingly challenging to deliver. The environment of today’s project differs greatly to that that existed in the 1930s, when the majority of the tools and techniques were introduced by Government Agencies in the US. This paper describes STEM4, a structured framework that will assist in the selection, management and demobilisation of project staff. It ensures that the right level of intervention is made by senior management so that team members assigned to project teams have the necessary support to cope with the stresses and strains of delivering projects.

Кey words: Project Management, People, Politics,

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