AIPM Conference Melbourne 2012

Dr. Hanif will be attending the AIPM conference in Melbourne (7 – 10 Oct) to present his paper on assessing project teams.

Assessing the capability of project teams using a diagnostic model derived from Sun Tzu’s Art of War


Project teams are required to execute projects to precise requirements so that the final product or service is effectively and efficiently delivered to the Client or Promoter. It is a fine balancing act of competing demands of cost, time, quality and other host of requirements that evolve over the life of the project. Project teams need to behave in a cohesive manner, ensuring that the exchanges of information between team members takes place with military precision in a effort to move the project closer towards its goal.

There should be no room for gross mistakes or misunderstandings otherwise this will lead to abortive work and loss of productive time. The capability of project teams is of utmost importance for they are the driving force behind ensuring that vision is turned into reality (Turner 1996). To do this, the author proposes a diagnostic that is developed around the 5 constants as described in Sun Tzu’s manual, Art of War (Giles 2010).

The 5 constants of Moral Law, Heaven, Earth, The Commander and Method & Discipline are then applied to project teams within the context of project management. The diagnostic model termed, STEM, consists of a series of questions that are scored by the assessor. The assessment can be conducted prior to launching a project or it can be performed as part of a ‘health check’ review of an existing project which may be experiencing difficulties in making the required progress.

The assessment is carried out by an independent project management consultant.


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